Digital tools that turn groups of people into high performing teams.

Team Enhancing Tools


Innovation uses an anonymous interface and gamification to allow a group of people to analyse questions or statements together.


Decision uses independent digital input and data enabled meetings to allow a group of people to make the best possible choice based decisions together.


Assess uses independent digital assessor scoring and reasons to more accurately review performance or capabilities as a group.

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Basic version of both tools for an unlimited time.

Internal Teams


(+ VAT) per user per month

Both tools, all features, restricted to a team.

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Both tools, all features, for corporate use.

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Both tools, all features, for use with clients.

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If you have a large pool of people who you want to invite to use the Innovation tool or the Decision tool on a less frequent basis then our flexible pricing is set up for you.

This suits larger companies who want to vary who they invite to specific sessions.

Internal Teams

Enswarm tools can be configured to work incredibly well with a structured team size.

Whether the team members are remote or all in the same office, simply set up the sessions you need, invite the members of your team you want to help contribute and start working more effectively - making more robust decisions and generating powerful ideas.

Each team member has full access to add and run sessions.

We charge on a per team member basis.

Please contact us to discuss in more detail.


We let everyone use basic versions of our tools indefinitely. Invite your team to explore business problems together on the Innovation tool or get the unbiased input from your team on a business choice using the Decision tool.

You get one re-useable session on each tool on us. If you want to set up follow on sessions, just delete your old sessions and go again. You don’t get all of the features on the free version but you’ll get the idea of how we’re different.


If you run a business such as a consultancy or creative agency and you run creative sessions for clients. Or, if you are a recruitment consult and you want to run hiring decision sessions for your clients, then this model is probably for you.

As a consultant, you are the master of the sessions and can invite as many participants as you need for each session.

As a consultancy, usage can be varied so please contact us to discuss in more detail.

Enswarm Explained

Enswarm is a Software as a Service business who are on a mission to solve the problems caused by human biases, office politics and groupthink in business teams.

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