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The Enswarm Blog

Unlock Your Team Intelligence

The Enswarm Blog

Unlock Your Team Intelligence

Team Intelligence – A Vision for the Future of Human Collaboration

Working together as teams have enabled us to progress from hunter-gathers to create civilizations, democracies and global organisations.

Enswarm: The Founder’s Story

Joe Kay discusses his passion for teamwork, his inspiration for Enswarm, and how he and his team have built a tool that is transforming the way people work together

The New Frontier Of Facilitation

How a digital environment for facilitators opens up the virtual floor to insightful ideas and produces great action In 2016, I was lucky enough to train to become a Group Chair with Vistage

Why are group decisions often flawed?

Effective teamwork and decision making seldom happens by accident – traditionally, elite teamwork has been the preserve of highly resourced organisations, such as the military.

Unlocking Team Intelligence

At the start of each year, our news feeds remind us of our potential to lead happier, more fulfilling, and productive lives.