Why the name?

In the same way that the first pioneers flight were inspired by the ability of birds to effortlessly soar through the air, Enswarm's founder Joe Kay was inspired by how bees, ants and other collectively intelligent animals have the ability to “swarm” together to consistently make the right decisions.

Joe had been working in some of the highest performing human teams for over a decade but then came to the realisation that the highest performing teams on the planet are not human ones.

Enswarm has since incorporated many different aspects to improve teamwork but the first was focusing on the field of swarm research.

In 2010, Joe was working on more effective team problem solving techniques based on the way that swarms of bees make decisions. He started referring to this as “Enswarming” problems and from this the business Enswarm was born.

Can humans “swarm”?

Because human motivations are inherently based around personal survival, we naturally exhibit herding behaviour. This explains our fascination with fashion, the behaviour of panicking crowds that cause deaths and a fascination with trending topics on social media.

After six years of extensive research and iterative testing it was evident that human teams are only able to swarm if they have the correct tools. Enswarm designs and builds these unique digital tools that enable humans to swarm.

Why we’re doing this?

It is normal for us to work in some form of team but they vary hugely in quality.

High performing teams achieve the best results when they have had time to build up a culture based on mutual trust which is enhanced by specific training and the use of common tools.

But it is now normal for people to change jobs often and for businesses to have remote work forces so it is difficult to build this trust.

We believe that we can immediately help groups of people to work together more effectively, without the need for training and that this will make a real difference to peoples’ experience of the teams they work with and the success of those teams.

The Problem

Since humans stopped hunting and gathering, groups of people have struggled to work together effectively. At a large scale this can lead to wars, on a small scale businesses fail because of groupthink and internal politics. No matter the scale good leadership and teamwork have traditionally been the answer to these problems. But the web and particularly social tools have affected human culture and behaviour in way that makes it harder for traditional leadership and teamwork techniques to be successful.

Our Opportunity

The ability for groups of people to connect and collaborate using the web does not automatically help them work together intelligently. There is a desperate need for people to be able to co-ordinate their actions together in a smarter way that leads to team success and individual satisfaction.

What we’re doing?

Enswarm acknowledges the difficulties that people have when working in teams and helps them to overcome them using team intelligence tools to remove human cognitive biases, office politics and groupthink.

How we’re doing this?

Our apps have been designed with lessons taken from behavioural psychology as well as inspiration from researching bees and collectively intelligent animals who work together far more effectively than humans.

Our apps have then been continually tested and refined with our clients to enable their people to feel comfortable working together, personally motivated to achieve group goals and encouraged to think critically.

Enswarm’s digital tools provide this environment in different ways, depending on the goal and situation.

Initially, we are focused on helping groups to achieve two types of goal together:

  • Make choice based decisions using our Decision tool.
  • Debate and analyse questions using our Innovation tool.

Our Vision

Enswarm is initially focused on helping business teams to work together more effectively but intelligence that has been gathered to date has far reaching implications.

Ultimately, using team enhancing technology to solve collective problems will champion throught leadership influencing culture changing outcomes and could be applicable to politics, and as the basis for improved political governance.

The vision is that when humanity successfully colonises Mars, Enswarm's technology will be used by these pioneers as the basis for a better system of governance that encourages swarming behaviour over the herding behaviour that is seen in politics today.

Why Us?

  • Clarity of vision and mission with the aspiration to define a new market that is important for humanity
  • Uniquely experienced leadership team who are all motivated to achieve the long term vision
  • Technology built by our team with our future vision in mind so it will scale with the business
  • We have achieved product market fit before anyone else in a new market, we have a strong pipeline and are ready to accelerate the business now

The Team

Joe Kay

Has been developing the idea for swarm enabling technology since 2010, he is an industrial designer, technologist, futurist, decorated military pilot and thought leader. His military experience and passion for designing human systems of co-operation make him uniquely qualified to lead a team intelligence startup

Pete Hamling

Has been developing software since he was 6 years old, he is a full stack software engineer with 18 years experience of building software and leading engineering teams

Mary Griffin

Has been developing business & consumers markets since 2000, she is a digital marketing professional, social scientist & experienced team leader

Advisory and Support Team

Michael Arnott
Solicitor, partner and head of London Office at MCM Commercial-Legal
Donal O’Connell
Former head of Intellectual Property at Nokia-IP
Professor Josh Landon
Statistics and Decision Sciences
MilamberVentures PLC
London based incubator