Efficient and Effective Candidate Selection using our Decision Tool.

Decision is a secure web application that enables diverse groups of people to make recruitment choices more effectively. It speeds up the decision process and removes cognitive biases, office politics and groupthink as well as speeding up the decision process. Decision does this by data enabling wash-up meetings using the independent assessor scoring tool and automatically generating reports to capture the entire decision process.

Enswarm’s primary focus is to help recruitment teams choose the best candidates from assessment centres, where large numbers of candidates and multiple assessors make the recruitment processes complex. Our technology will connect an assessment team in a way that will allow any choice based recruitment to be completed more efficiently.

The Decision tool is set up by you to allow your assessment team to score candidates against agreed behaviours, competencies or other identified criteria. Assessors then add their scores along with their reasons and evidence for giving those ratings utilising any web-connected device.

Once the scoring is complete, the Decision tool aggregates the results and displays the data back to the recruitment team. This enables wash-up meetings to focus on differences of opinion and resolve them. This allows your team to focus the discussions on key points to reach a better final decision in less time.

Benefits for Recruitment Teams

Assessment centre decisions can be made faster, with no need for manual score aggregation, saving recruitment teams time and money.
Data enabled decision meetings help recruitment teams to focus their discussion on key issues, ensuring the best choice is made.
Entire assessment centre process and decision records are saved to demonstrate objectivity and compliance in recruitment audits.
Data from multiple sessions is captured to enable long-term analysis, which allows teams to identify improvements in their recruitment processes.

Try Decision free of charge

Try the basic free tier of Decision using a modern web browser. Advanced versions of Decision with its enhanced recruitment focussed features can be discussed with our team using the contact details below.

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